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Success stories of learning Marathi ... Testimonials

Many people from around the globe contacted me through email, blog-comments and Facebook group saying how my blog and YouTube channel helped them successfully learn Marathi. Marathi newspapers also published articles about this initiative. 

Here I am sharing few testimonials that will assure you that you have come to right place to learn Marathi. 

So have a look at it these success stories !! I am sure you will be eager to be a success story yourself !!

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Happy Learning !!
- Kaushik Lele

My website in news
Prestigious Marathi newspaper लोकसत्ता (Loksatta) and महाराष्ट्र टाईम्स(Maharashtra Times) also the magazine डोंबिवलीकर एक सांस्कृतिक परिवार (Dombivlikar Ek Sanskrutik Parivar) had published articles about these websites


Read online Loksatta
Name: Jonathan Galton
Country: UK

I am an ardent Indophile and particularly in love with the city of Mumbai, and am hoping to do some research into urban cosmopolitanism there. To this end I wished to learn Marathi in addition to Hindi, but struggled to find online resources for Marathi until I came across 

Kaushik Lele's blog. Immediately I felt in safe hands - the blog is very logically structured and takes a grammar-led approach which is perfect for learners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the language beyond a handful of phrases. It is also accompanied by audio recordings in YouTube which aid immeasurably with the pronunciation. Furthermore, 

Kaushik has been extremely generous with his time in answering users' queries and sharing them on the site. For all these reasons I think that this is simply the best resource for anybody out there wishing to learn conversational Marathi.
Name : Kreshan Narroo
Country : Mauritius

Your blog for teaching Marathi  language is very  commendable initiative.

I was looking for a fast teaching, to enable me to write, read and speak basic Marathi conversation.
I like the systematic approach to enable learners, especially those like me, who had no knowledge of the language at all.
Your presentation of the basic grammar and also the numerous examples you gave for use of verbs and also in normal daily usage of words in conversations are also very interesting as well as useful.
Your teachings on the website have helped me to grasp the basic of the Marathi language fast.
I therefore recommend your blog and Youtube channel  to learners, especially adults like me , who during our childhood had no Initiation  to devnagri scripts.
Wishing all the best!
Name : Nikhil Kamat  
Country : India

A few months ago, I came across Mr. Lele’s blog. When in Maharashtra, you hear Marathi being spoken all around you. My mother tongue being Konkani, Marathi is not that different, especially not when the two are written in Devanagari. Spoken Marathi, however, can be somewhat different. Understanding it and speaking it are two different things. Mr. Lele’s blog has been quite helpful to me in understanding how Marathi is spoken. The blog is written in simple language, easy enough to understand; it is designed for those wishing to learn spoken Marathi, including the beginnings of slang. Mr. Lele's blog is an excellent starting point for such a purpose. I would readily recommend this site to both foreigners as well as Indians seeking to learn Marathi as 'she' is spoken. In the end, there’s no substitute for practice and experience, but understanding a little will certainly save you from making too any embarrassing mistakes.
Name : Gayatri
Country :  India

I always was keen to learn something new and found learning languages very interesting. 
After long search  in struggle to learn gujarati , I found this page which had everything on from the basic alphabets to the grammar loaded  which made it more easier for me to learn write read and understand the language the best way possible in the simplest way .
Its been a year long I have been associated with this site and truly the site has grown to be one of the best kind - a self learning portal for language learners .
Name : Ravinder Sangwan 
Country : India 

Reason for learning :- Rural posting in Maharashtra. 
How website helped :- Helped me learned basics of Marathi. 
Why would you recommend it:-  Because it has best cost to benefit ratio among all on-line sources of Marathi learning. Also it got some super cool chapters ;) 
Other points you want to share:- While reading and learning Marathi relate all words with those in Hindi. That way you will be able to guesstimate any new words you came across. Hindi and Marathi looks like children of same bloodline Sanskrit, Vocabulary heavily overlaps between them. 
Name : Saba Sk
Country : India 

Marathi , I like this language very much and want to get pretty fluent in it.
Grammar is the backbone of any language and learn-Marathi blog by Kaushik lele guides you in learning step by step through grammar in a very simple way while focusing on different aspects of the spoken language as well.
For me it has been a one stop portal to clear almost all of my doubts, in short it is a good reference. 
While searching online for learning Marathi or even other languages I have come across many sites but this one is the best so far. 
Name : V.K. Guptan
Country : India

I had found your website very helpful to learn Marathi. I had some little knowledge of Marathi as I was in Bombay or Mumbai as you may prefer and Pune. Then I left Maharashtra for Bangalore and thought of brushing up my Marathi for which your lessons were very helpful.
Name : Dr Prashant kumar
Country: India
I am pursuing Masters of Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences , Mumbai. I really needed to learn Marathi at least for conversing it for my rural postings in Maharashtra tribal areas. At those tribal areas people speak only Marathi. My college is so busy that I donot get time to attend classes of Marathi.

Then I found in google Kaushik lele blog to teach Marathi online free of cost. I joined and now I am at least able to get a tone of it . Though I have not become a perfect in Marathi but at least I can understand what people speak. I will still follow the blog to learn and further improve my Marathi as Learning never Ends. 

I would recommend if anyone wants to learn marathi free of cost,either out of curiosity of learning new language or  due to demand of your job. This blog is worth. The main thing the recording which you hear their pronunciation are the best part. They make you feel that there is someone real who is teaching you. 

You can learn at your pace whenever you get time. But you need to practice it with others to make a feel of learning 
Thanks a lot kaushik for this initiate to teach Marathi online to all, 


Name : Tanay Bhatt

Country : India

I loved to learn Marathi with Mr.  Kaushik lele..... He helped me alot... It was necessary for me to learn Marathi because i have a language in my studies... And i didn't know a word in marathi... But he is the one who helped me.... Thank You Sir for your support 
Name : Suresh Vaidya
Country : India

Reason For Learning : Self Interest to know this beautiful Language.
How website helped : 1. As the website has both English to Marathi and Hindi to Marathi option. It helped me by choosing easy platform Hindi to Marathi. 2. And YouTube videos helped me by the pronunciation, how to spell correctly Marathi words.
Other Point : It will be more and more helpful if real-life conversation is uploaded in YouTube. such as video documentary in vegetable market with Hindi/ English subtitles to choose from. Expecting for more innovative and creative way of Learning ....

Thanks a lot sir, for making this Language tutorial. It helped me a lot.  
Name: Sowmya Pattaje
Country: India

I wanted to learn a new language.  I resolved to begin learning Marathi as I am already quite conversant in Hindi.

Kaushik, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing up such a wonderful blog. I can imagine the amount of patience, due diligence, and effort that must have gone into putting up such a brilliant portal for Marathi learners. Being married to someone who was born & brought up in Maharashtra, I was exposed a little to the language but was not able to learn the nitty-gritty of grammar.  However, after stumbling on your blog, I have learnt quite a lot. I am able to understand word by word most of the time. I have also started watching and appreciating Marathi soaps and movies.  I am proud of how far I have come in learning this language and there is no turning back!

I appreciate that you take every feedback positively and try to improvise your blog for everyone's benefit. Keep this good work going.  I hope many others too will benefit from this. Well done!

Name : Bipanchi Lahon
Country : India (Jorhat,Assam )

I am learning Marathi because i want to have my higher studies from Mumbai & also i like this language.
Your website is very helpful. Before, i didn't know a common word & couldn't make a simple sentence  of Marathi.After learning from your blog , now i can speak a little bit in Marathi. 
I expect from you that you will add more things of Marathi languge in future . I want to tell about your blog that you have put all the things in a very well manner . One can easily learn from your blog. 
Name : Mukund
Country : India

I am a Central Govt employee presently serving at Maharashtra
Help of this web site was impeccable.  
I would recommend it because
(a)  A subjective approach with apprehensive bits of Marathi Language.  (b) Very positive response to e-correspondence.
Suggestion:   A corner may be designated to on line/ on spot translation of  hindi/ English phrases/ Sentences into Marathi.
Name: Renu
Country: India

As I have to go in a Marathi family I needed to learn this language. It helped me a lot to understand and speak Marathi easily and that in influential way.
Name : Rakesh Sahu
Country : India

I'm 20 year old electrical engineer. My love belongs to Maharashtra so that's why i am trying to learn Marathi and i found this website. It really helps me in learning Marathi in just 2-3 days i started making simple words and impressed my love. Really a good website to learn Marathi. Thanks Kaushik.

Name : Sudeshna Chaki
Country : India

I am a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology and I am conducting  my research fieldwork in Maharashtra. This is the primary reason why I am learning Marathi. Since I need to learn it fast, I started classes at a language institute (but the course turned out to be very unstructured and the teacher could not explain most of the things. As I found out, being a native speaker does not necessarily mean one can teach the language well. Now I regret spending money on that). In the meantime my brother recommended 'learn Marathi through English' blog. So, now I mainly follow that for learning Marathi.

Thanks a lot for taking the initiative to provide such a well structured platform for people like us. I finally have hope that I too can learn quickly, with the added benefit of  understanding the subtle nuances and details of the language. Kaushik has the ability to present concepts in a lucid and straightforward way, and this drives his readers to visit his blog regularly. If you're a first time visitor, my advice is to keep reading, this blog is worth it.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

List of all lessons. Contents. Index

Welcome to Learn Marathi from Hindi
Difference in Hindi and Marathi pronunciation
Simple sentences with Pronouns ( सर्वनाम ) in Marathi
Using plurals to indicate respect आदरार्थी बहुवचन (AdarArthI bahuvachan )
Saying tum aap in Marathi तू-तुम-आप तू-तुम्ही
Present Tense वर्तमान काळ
mujhe-malA merA-mAjhA मुझे-मला मेरा-माझा
merA-terA-usakA मेरा-तेरा-उसका
Preposition-अव्यय. ऊपर-बाद-बिना-साथ . etc.
Cases in Marathi. विभक्ति Vibhakti and विभक्तिप्रत्यय vibhaktiprtatyay in Marathi
Past Tense - भूतकाळ
Commands Imperative Statement - आज्ञार्थी वाक्य
Future Tense - भविष्यकाळ
Forms of verb To Be होना-हूं-था-होऊंगा-है-होगा etc.
Past/Present/Future Perfect tense in Marathi पूर्ण भूत/वर्तमान/भविष्य काळ
Past Perfect Tense - Second Style
Asking Question in Marathi.मराठी प्रश्न
Negative Sentences in Marathi ना कहना
jAnevAlA hUM karanewAlA hai जानेवाला हूं करनेवाला है
Time related words in Marathi आज कल परसो अभी सुबह etc.
chaleM jAyeM kareM चलें जायें करें type Questions
bolane do karane do बोलने दो करने दो type sentences
karatA thA bolate the मै करता था तुम बोलते थे type sentences
mai bol sakatA hUM nahI bol sakatA hUM मै बोल सकता हूं नही बोल सकता हूं etc
If-Then sentences in Marathi अगर-तो जर-तर-etc.
Frequently Used Marathi Verbs मराठी क्रियापद Part-1
Frequently Used Marathi Verbs मराठी क्रियापद Part-2
Frequently Used Marathi Verbs मराठी क्रियापद Part-3
Frequently Used Marathi Verbs मराठी क्रियापद Part-4
Prepositions with verbs in Marathi
Form of verbs (deflections) - miscellaneous
Saying pasaMd hai पसंद है in Marathi
samajhanA patA chalanA समझना पता चलना
Comparison in Marathi तुलना tulanA
जाना चाहिये करना चहिये jAnA chAhiye karanA chahiye etc Should in Marathi
Adjectives in Marathi मराठी विशेषण
To want-मुझे-चाहिये-नहीं-चाहिये-mujhe-chAhiye-nahIM-chAhiye-etc.
Connect two sentences जब-तब जो-वो जहां-वहा jab-tab jo-vo jahAM-vahA etc.
"To Want" with other verbs जाना है,करना है,नही खाना है-jAnA hai-karanA hai-nahI khAne hai etc.
To force to do some action-बुलवाऊंगा-करवाएगा-हसवाया-bulavAUMgA-karavAegA -hasavAyA
Exceptional Verbs in Marathi which change in past tense form
Numbers in Marathi-मराठी अंक
To indicate uncertainty-शायद जाऊंगा-शायद करूंगा-shAyad jAUMgA shAyad karUMgA
Saying have to-करना पडेगा-जाना पडेगा-karana paDegA jAnA paDegA etc.
Taking permission-May-I-क्या मैं अन्दर आऊं-kyA maiM andar AUM
Express wish in Marathi इच्छा आशिर्वाद
Exclamations in Hindi and Marathi
To emphasize using-च(ch)-in Marathi-मैने ही-तूने ही maine hI-tUne hI etc.
Generalizing words - somewhere somehow anything anybody etc.तरी(tarI) -ही(hI)
To ask meaning इसका मतलब क्या-isakA matalab kyA
मेरे पास है. मुझे दो भाई है. mere pAs hai.mujhe do bhAI hai. To Indicate possession and relation
Using "To Feel" & "To think" सोचना - लगना in Marathi
Conjunction in Marathi उभयान्वयी अव्यय - Part 1 - और,लेकिन,फिर भी,क्योंकी ,इसलिये,कि aur,lekin,phir bhI,kyoMkI,isaliye,ki
Conjunction in Marathi उभयान्वयी अव्यय - Part 2 - जैसा,या,अगर-तो,बादमें,फिर,जब तक-तब तक jaisA,yA,agar-to,phir,jab tak-tab tak
Conjunction in Marathi उभयान्वयी अव्यय - Part 3 जैसे ही,तब,के बजाय,ताकी,जबकि,नही तो,भी jaise hI ,tab,ke bajAy,tAkI,jabaki,nahi to,bhI
Active Passive voice कर्तरी प्रयोग कर्मणी प्रयोग भावे प्रयोग kartarI prayog karmaNI prayog bhAve prayog
नाम लिंग वचन Nouns Gender and plurals
“To keep doing” करते रहना, बोलते रहना - karate rahanA, bolate rahanA
To Know पता होना patA honA e.g. नाम पता है nAm patA hai
List of conjunctions उभयान्वयी अव्यय in Marathi
Relations in Marathi मराठीमें रिश्तोंके नाम marAThImeM rishtoMke nAm
List of adjectives in Marathi मराठी विशेषण की सूची
Adverbs in Marathi मराठी क्रियाविशेषण marAThI kriyAvisheShaN
List of adverbs in Marathi मराठी क्रियाविशेषण सूची marAThI kriyAvisheShaN sUchI
Calling someone in Marathi मराठीमें किसीको बुलाना marAThImeM kisIko bulAnA
List of body parts in Marathi मराठी में शरीर के अवयवोंके नाम marAThI meM sharIr ke avayavoMke nAm
Abuse-cursing-swear-words in Marathi मराठी गालिया मराठी शिव्या
List of names of Animals मराठी में प्राणियोंके नाम
List of names of birds in Marathi मराठी में पक्षीयोंके नाम
List of names of insects in Marathi मराठी में कीटों के नाम
List of name of colours in Marathi मराठी में रंगों के नाम
List of names of flowers in Marathi मराठी में फूलोंके नाम
Frequently used or common words in Marathi - Miscellaneous मराठी शब्दों की सूची
List of vegetable names मराठी में सब्जियोंके नाम
List of names of fruits in Marathi मराठी में फलों के नाम
Short forms in spoken Marathi मराठी बोली भाषा का प्रयोग marAThI bolI bhAShA kA prayog
Tips to Learn Marathi मराठी भाषा सिखनेके नुस्खे marAThI bhAShA sikhaneke nuskhe
Marathi Conversation - Asking address in Marathi मराठी में पता पूछना marAThI meM patA pUChanA
Marathi conversation - Grocery shop मराठी संभाषण - किराना दुकान में
Marathi Conversation - with Auto Rickshaw Driver रिक्षा/ऑटो वाले के साथ बात rikShA/auTo vAle ke sAth bAt
Marathi conversation-with traffic police मराठी संभाषण ट्रॅफिक पुलिस के साथ
Marathi Conversation - Doctor-Patient डॉक्टर और मरीज की बात Doctor aur marIj kI bAt
Marathi Conversation - Teacher Student शिक्षक-विद्यार्थी संभाषण
Marathi Conversation- Phone टेलिफोन पर संभाषण
Marathi Conversation - Computer engineer कॉंप्युटर इंजिनिअर संभाषण
Marathi Conversation - in Hotel मराठी संभाषण - होटल में
Simple Marathi Sentences - Where/Place Related जगह संबन्धी मराठी वाक्य
Simple Marathi Sentences-Weather related मौसम संबन्धी वाक्य
Simple Marathi sentences-Time related समय संबन्धी वाक्य
Simple Marathi sentences-Introduction/Salutation परिचय/स्वागत संबन्धी वाक्य
Simple Marathi conversation-Vegetable Market सब्जी मंडी में मराठी संभाषण
Marathi Conversation-at bus stop and in bus बस स्टॉप और बस में मराठी संभाषण
I Love you In Marathi. Saying मै तुमसे प्यार करता हूं in Marathi
Interview in Marathi मराठी में इंटरव्ह्यू
Simple Marathi conversation-with Servant or Housemaid नौकरानी के साथ मराठी संभाषण
“Marathi Dictionary for Learners” Android app on Gogle Play.

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Expand Blog Archive fully to see all lessons

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts to Learn Marathi. Learn Marathi grammar and many aspects Marathi language online.

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts to Learn Marathi. Learn Marathi grammar and many aspects Marathi language online.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

“Marathi Dictionary for Learners” Android app on Gogle Play.

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts discussing many aspects of grammar and Marathi language

Happy to announce my “Marathi Dictionary for Learners” Android app on Google Play.
It can be downloaded quickly from

--------------------- Why new Dictionary ? ---------------------------------
There are many English-to-Marathi dictionaries available as books or online or in app-form.
But all these dictionaries are for native Marathi person learning English. A Marathi learner seeks information of Marathi word for a given English word.

e.g. For English word “door” Marathi words are दारदरवाजा.
But knowing just these words are not sufficient for Marathi learner.
He must know that दार is of Neuter gender and दरवाजा is of Masculine gender. Otherwise how can he decide different verb forms in this sentence?
ते दार उघडले.
तो दरवाजा उघडला.

Also in Marathi plural of word is different. E.g. Take words माळ
चाळ. Both are feminine gender. And both sound almost same. But their plurals are formed differently.
Plural of माळ is माळा  but that of चाळ is not चाळा. It is चाळी.
If one make plural of माळ as माळी; he will be in trouble as माळी means Gardener.
If one makes plural of चाळ as चाळा then he will be in trouble as चाळा means idle habit.
So it is important to know exact plural.

Similarly before adding preposition noun form changes.
e.g Price of garland = माळेची किंमत
Price of chawl = चाळीची किंमत
Form of noun माळ is माळे and form of noun चाळ is चाळी.
Though both nouns are of same gender and sound similar, their form is different.

Thus this dictionary is created from point of view of Marathi learners and currently limited only to NOUNs in Marathi.
It gives details of gender, plural and inflected form of noun to be used with prepositions, and an example with preposition.

If there are more than one synonyms then it provides details of all of them.

An English word can mean differently in different context. So context is mentioned wherever applicable.

At present this dictionary has 1105 English words and 1233 Marathi words. I will keep updating the app to add more and more words.
You may try words "platform", "action","collection" to have  quick test of this dictionary.

So I request you to download and install the dictionary and let me know your feedback.

Let me know your feedback on

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Simple Marathi conversation-with Servant or Housemaid नौकरानी के साथ मराठी संभाषण

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Below is conversation between a lady with her maid. Dialogues of lady are highlighted in yellow. 

आईए मौसी(AIe mausI)
या मावशी (yA mAvashI)
क्या आप हमारे यहां काम करोगी ?
(kyA Ap hamAre yahAM kAm karogI ?)
आमच्याकडचं काम कराल का
(AmachyAkaDachM kAm karAl kA? )
क्या क्या काम है ?
(kyA kyA kAm hai ?)
काय काय काम आहे? (kAy kAy kAm Ahe?)
कपडे धोना, बर्तन मांजना, पोछा.
(kapaDe dhonA, bartan mAMjanA, poChA.)
धुणंभांडी आणि केरफरशी
(dhuNaM, bhAMDI ANi kerapharashI)
कितने लोगोंके कपडे और बर्तन ?
(kitane logoMke kapaDe aur bartan ?)
किती जणांचं धुणं-भांडी
(kitI jaNAMchaM dhuNM-bhAMDI)
हम चार बडे लोग और दो बच्चे हैं.
(ham chaar baDe log aur do bachce haiM.)
आम्ही  मोठी माणसं आहोत आणि  लहान मुलं आहेत.
(AmhI 4 moThI mANasaM Ahot ANi 2 lahAn mulaM Ahet.)
ठीक है. कपडे धोनेके सात सौ और बर्तन मांजनेके सात सौ होंगे.
(ThIk hai. kapaDe dhoneke sAt sau aur bartan mAMjaneke sAt sau hoMge.)
बरं. धुण्याचे सातशे आणि भांड्यांचे सातशे होतील.
(baraM. dhuNyAche sAtashe ANi bhAMDyAMche
sAtashe hotIl.)
पोछा लगनेके दो सौ.
(poChA laganeke do sau.)
लाद्या पुसायचे दोनशे. (lAdyA pusAyache donashe.)
हे भगवान ! पोछा लगनेके दो सौ ठीक है.
(he bhagavAn ! poChA laganeke do sau ThIk hai.)
बापरे!!  केरफरशीचे दोनशे ठीक आहेत
(bApare kerapharashIche donashe ThIk Ahet. )
लेकीन कपडे और बर्तन के सात सौ मतलब कुछ ज्यादा ही लगते है.
(lekIn kapaDe aur bartan ke sAt sau matalab kuCh jyAdA hI lagate hai.)
पण धुण्याचे आणि भांड्यांचे सातशे म्हणजे खूपच वाटतात.
(paN dhuNyAche ANi bhAMDyAMche sAtashe mhaNaje
khUpach vATatAt.)
नही चाची.(nahI chAchI.)
नाही हो काकू.  (nAhI ho kAkU. )
पाच सौ ले लीजिये न मौसी.(pAcha sau le lIjiye n mausI.)
पाचशे घ्या ना मावशी.  (pAchashe ghyA nA mAvashI. )
नही चाची. सब जगह उतनेही लेते है.(nahI chAchI. sab jagah utanehI lete hai.)
नाही हो काकू. सगळीकडे तेवढेच घेतो.
(nAhI ho kAkU. sagaLIkaDe tevaDhech gheto.)
हर व्यक्तीके देड सौ लेते है.(har vyaktIke deD sau lete hai.)
माणशी दीडशेच घेतो.  (mANashI dIDashech gheto. )
आपके यहां दो छोटे बच्चे है इसलिये कम बताया.(Apake yahAM do ChoTe bachche hai isaliye kam bataayA.)
तुमच्याकडे दोन लहान मुलं आहेत
म्हणून कमी सांगितले.
(tumachyAkaDe don lahAn mulaM Ahet
mhaNUn kamI sAMgitale.)
नहीं. सात सौ नहीं दे सकते.(nahIM. sAta sau nahIM de sakate.)
नाहीसातशे नाही जमणार.  (nAhI. sAtashe nAhI jamaNAr. )
पाच सौ नही तो छे सौ ठीक है.(pAch sau nahI to Che sau ThIk hai.)
पाचशे नाही तर सहाशे ठीक आहेत.
(pAchashe nAhI tar sahAshe ThIk Ahet.)
छे सौ कपडोंके, छे सौ बर्तनके और दो सौ पोछा लगाने के.
(Che sau kapaDoMke, Che sau bartanake aur do sau poChA lagAne ke.)
सहाशे धुण्याचेसहाशे भांड्यांचे आणि दोनशे लादी पुसायचे
(sahAshe dhuNyAche; sahAshe bhAMDyAMche ANi donashe
 lAdI pusAyache. )
ठीक है ?(ThIk hai ?)
ठीक आहे? (ThIk Ahe?)
हां. चलेगा.(hAM. chalegA.)
हो चालेल.  (ho chAlel. )
और छुट्टियोंका क्या ?(aur ChuTTiyoMkA kyA ?)
आणि सुट्ट्यांचं काय. (ANi suTTyAMchaM kAy.)
महिनेमें ४ छुट्टिया लूंगी.(mahinemeM 4 ChuTTiyA lUMgI.)
महिन्यातून सुट्ट्या घेत जाईन.
 (mahinyAtUn 4 suTTyA ghet jAIn.)
४ ज्यादा होती है.(4 jyAdA hotI hai.)
 जास्त होतात हो.  (4 jAst hotAt ho. )
नहीं चाची घरका काम भी संभालना पडता है.
(nahI chAchI gharakA kAm bhI saMbhAlanA paDatA hai.)
नाही काकू घरचं काम पण बघायला लागतं. 
(nAhI kAkU gharachM kAm paN baghAyalA lAgataM. )
कोई मिलने आता है; मेहमान आते है. (koI milane AtA hai; mehamAn Ate hai. )
आलंगेलं-पैपाव्हणं असतं.
(AlaMgelM-paipAvhaNM asataM.)
हं. लेकिन बिना बताये छुट्टी मत लीजिये.(hM. lekin binA bataaye ChuTTI mat lIjiye.)
हंपण  सांगता दांड्या मारू नका.
(hM. paN na sAMgatA dAMDyA mArU nakA.)
नही चाची. मै कभी भी बिना बताये छुट्टी नही लेती.(nahI chAchI. mai kabhI bhI binA bataaye ChuTTI nahI letI.)
नाही काकू. मी कधीच सांगता दांड्या मारत नाही. 
(nAhI kAkU. mI kadhIch na sAMgatA dAMDyA mArat nAhI. )
कोई दिक्कत होगी तो पहलेही बता दूंगी नही तो फोन करूंगी.(koI dikkat hogI to pahalehI batA dUMgI nahI to phon karUMgI.)
अडचण असेल तर आधी सांगेन नाही तर
फोन करेन तुम्हाला.
 (aDachaN asel tar AdhI sAMgen nAhI tar
phon karen tumhAlA.)
ठीक है.(ThIk hai.)
बरं. (baraM.)
आज से ही शुरू करना काम.(Aja se hI shurU karanA kAm.)
आजपासूनच सुरुवात करा कामाला.
 (AjapAsUnach suruvAt karA kAmAlA.)
चालेल. (chAlel.)
बर्तन बेसिन में रखें है उन्हे बाथरूम में ले जाईये.(bartan besin meM rakheM hai unhe bAtharUm meM le jAIye.)
भांडी बेसिन मध्ये ठेवली आहेत ती
मोरीत/बाथरूम मध्ये घेऊन जा.
(bhAMDI besin madhye ThevalI Ahet tI
morIt/bAtharUm madhye gheUn jA.)
साबुन, स्क्रबर वहां उस कोने में है.(sAbun, skrabar vahAM us kone meM hai.)
साबणघासणी तिकडे कोपऱ्यात आहे.
(sAbaN, ghAsaNI tikaDe koparxyAt Ahe.)
बर्तन मांजने के बाद रसोई/किचन के प्लेटफार्म पर रख दीजिये.(bartan mAMjane ke bAd rasoI/kichan ke pleTaphArm par rakh dIjiye.)
भांडी घासून झाली की
स्वैपाकखोलीच्या/किचनच्या ओट्यावर ठेवा. (
bhAMDI ghAsUn jhAlI kI
svaipAkakholIchyA/kichanachyA oTyAvar ThevA.)
यह पोछा लेना जमीन साफ करने के लिये.(yah poChA lenA jamIn sAph karane ke liye.)
लादी पुसायला ती बादली घ्याफिनेलची बाटली खिडकीत आहे.
 (lAdI pusAyalA tI bAdalI ghyA. phinelachI bATalI khiDakIt Ahe. )
जमीन साफ करने के लिये वह बाल्टी लीजिये. फिनेल की बोतल खिडकी में है.
(jamIn sAph karane ke liye vah bAlTI lIjiye. phinel kI botal khiDakI meM hai.)
हे पोतेरं/फडकं घ्या लादी पुसायला
(he poteraM/phaDakaM ghyA lAdI pusAyalA. )
और बेड के नीचे से, सोफा के निचे से, सब कुर्सिओंके नीचे से अच्छे से साफ करना.
(aur beD ke nIche se, sophA ke niche se, sab kursioMke nIche se acChe se sAph karanA.)
आणि दिवाणाखालूनसोफ्याखालून,
सगळ्या खुर्च्यांखालून नीट पुसा.
(ANi divANAkhAlUn, sophyAkhAlUn,
sagaLyA khurchyAMkhAlUn nIT pusA.)
हां जरूर. आप चिंता मत कीजिये. मै ठीक से साफ करती हूं.(hAM jarUr. Ap chiMtA mat kIjiye. mai ThIk se sAph karatI hUM.)
हो नक्की. काही काळजी करू नका.
मी स्वच्छ पुसते.
(ho nakkI. kAhI kALajI karU nakA.
mI svachCha pusate.)
बर्तन मांजने के पहले कपडे भीगोकर रखना तकी अच्छे से साफ हो.
(bartan mAMjane ke pahale kapaDe bhIgokar rakhanA takI achChe se sAph ho.)
भांडी घासायच्या आधी कपडे भिजवून ठेवा
म्हणजे नीट निघतील.
(bhAMDI ghAsAyachyA AdhI kapaDe bhijavUn ThevA
mhaNaje nIT nighatIl.)
ठीक है.(ThIk hai.)
ठीके. (ThIke.)
-------------- --------------
यह आपकी तनख्वा.(yah ApakI tanakhvA.)
हा घ्या तुमचा पगार. (hA ghyA tumachA pagAr.)
द्या. (dyA.)
चाची. दिवाली का बोनस नही दिया.(chAchI. divAlI kA bonas nahI diyA.)
काकू दिवाळीचा बोनस नाही दिलात.
(kAkU divALIchA bonas nAhI dilAt.)
दिवाली का बोनस ?(divAlI kA bonas ?)
दिवाळीचा बोनस ? (divALIchA bonas ?)
हां चाची. सब लोग देते है दिवाली का बोनस. तनख्वा जितनी और तनख्वा.
(hAM chAchI. sab log dete hai divAlI kA bonas. tanakhvA jitanI aur tanakhvA.)
हो काकू. सगळे जण दिवाळीचा बोनस देतात.
पगारा एवढा पगार.
(ho kAkU. sagaLe jaN divALIchA bonas detAt.
pagArA evaDhA pagAr.)
नहीं मौसी. तनख्वा जितनी और तनख्वा नही हो सकेगा.
(nahIM mausI. tanakhvA jitanI aur tanakhvA nahI ho sakegA.)
नाही हो मावशीपगारा एवढा पगार नही जमणार.
(nAhI ho mAvashI. pagArA evaDhA pagAr nahI jamaNAr.)
दिवाली त्योहार है इसलिये सौ-दो सौ ज्यादा देती हूं.
(divAlI tyohAr hai isaliye sau-do sau jyAdA detI hUM.)
दिवाळी सण म्हणून शंभर-दोनशे जास्त देते.
(divALI saN mhaNUn shMbhar-donashe jAst dete.)
हमने जब तनख्वा की बात की तब ऐसा कुछ तय नही किया था.
(hamane jab tanakhvA kI bAt kI tab aisA kuCh tay nahI kiyA thaa.)
आपलं पगाराचं बोलणं झालं तेव्हा असं काही ठरलं नव्हतं.
 (ApalM pagArAchaM bolaNM jhAlM tevhA asaM
kAhI TharalaM navhataM.)
ऐसे कैसे चाची. सब लोग देते है.(aise kaise chAchI. sab log dete hai.)
असं कसं काकू. सगळीकडेच देतात. 
(asaM kasaM kAkU. sagaLIkaDech detAt. )
मैने कुछ अलग नही कहा.(maine kuCh alag nahI kahA.)
म्हणून मी काही वेगळं संगितलं नाही.
(mhaNUn mI kAhI vegaLM saMgitalaM nAhI.)
ये लीजिये चार सौ ज्यादा देती हूं. इससे ज्यादा नही हो पायेगा. 
(ye lIjiye chAr sau jyAdA detI hUM. isase jyAdA nahI ho pAyegA.  )
हे घ्या चारशे जास्ती देतेयाहून जास्त नाही जमणार.
(he ghyA chaarashe jAstI dete. yaahUn jAst nAhI jamaNAr.)
अब मै क्या बोलूं ? दीजिये.(ab mai kyA bolUM ? dIjiye.)
आता काय बोलणार मी. द्या. (AtA kaay bolaNAr mI. dyaa.)
चलती हूं मै.(chalatI hUM mai.)
येते मी. (yete mI.)

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